Indoor Skylights – Design Ideas

Skylights can completely change the feel of a room. They don’t just let in more natural light, they also create a much more open feeling of space. By adding glass to a low ceiling you can make it feel higher, seeing the sky through a high ceiling gives it the illusion of being part of an outdoor space. A window above your bed allows you to gaze at the stars or passing clouds, and one above a dining room could have you eating beneath the trees. There are tons of ways in which to enjoy a skylight into your home…

It’s not just us humans that thrive in the sunshine, indoor plants will flourish under a well placed skylight. Just be careful that their new growth won’t completely block out your share of the light too.

Indoor Skylights

Rooflights can present the possibility of opening up a modern living room into loft space to create a mezzanine level – adding a whole heap more of square footage to your home.

Skylights really finish off the airy look of a white walled contemporary living room, and can completely replace conventional windows in order to acquire more wall space for furniture or bookcases.

A single skylight can be enough to pleasantly light the shadowy end of an extremely long room. Even if a room already has a lot of windows, opening up the ceiling can still change the dynamics. You can increase daylight and view by combining roof elements with a conventional window line.

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