It’s no surprise there is a a massive shift occurring in the furniture business. The dull colors we saw in the late nineties and early two thousands are fast behind us as we awaken to a huge return to color. Fun brights, combined with fresh whites and a huge color trend is on the rise. So what are the top colors? If you’re in the market for any kind of new upholstery, here are the top trends in upholstery to keep an eye on.


By far the hottest color for upholestery right now. Navy is always a safe bet as a strong neutral, not to mention a great infusion for something other than safe beige. Interestingly enough, designers have been doing navy for close to a decade. The design trade will likely move on because we never want to be boring, but don’t worry, navy is just growing legs in the consumer market.


Like navy, the color teal acts as a neutral and makes everything look better. Combined with just about any color, from red, to blue, pink to yellow or even orange, this color is like the puppy dog that has never met a stranger.


Hands down one of the most healing colors you can have in an interior design, especially in upholstery is Kale. This color is springing up everywhere. What started out as a small pop is now taking center stage in upholstery. Sofas, chairs, ottomans and the like are all green with envy.


This lovely blush has always been in the background and for good reason. This invigorating color is another healing color to have in a home to help keep you calm. Plus, it’s often feared making it an unexpected pop! But if you’re in the market for upholstery this is a great hue to experiment with on an accent piece or a chair. .

So where is the trend headed? Look for blue to transition into purple, and the pinks evolve into reds. Do you want to explore the top upholstery colors for 2019? Contact the design team at Designs of the Interior in Westlake Village.