Two Design Themes for Inspiration

Life can get hectic and your space may begin to feel a little blah. When we get busy, its hard to be inspired. Jump start your design inspiration by thinking about a new design theme for your favorite space. Here are two fun design themes that are getting noticed.

Botanical theme

The botanical style takes its cues from Mother Nature.Combine indoor/outdoor living by combining light colors, white walls and light-hued furniture.

Then layer in natural colors – greens, browns and greys, and plenty of texture. The key to making this look work is not to overfill the space. Keep the design light and airy.

A common technique is select one or two statement features, such as leaf print wallpaper on one wall or a green velvet sofa, and mix in the natural colors and textures.

Cane furniture, chairs and accents combined with a white dining table are a powerful base. Oh, don’t forget living plants for a finishing touch.

Moroccan theme

The Moroccan theme draws on bright and earthy textures.

It combines items that are handmade (or look handmade) and have a strong artisanal feel. Leather, beads and homemade feeling textures highlight this look.

A Moroccan theme room is exotic and luxurious. It has a bohemian edge which give the space a sense of energy yet warmth. Layers of softness are essential — rugs with pile you can hide your toes, plenty of cushions and even fringing on chairs.

Expert tip – keep some linear forms in the design or the feel will become too organic and shift from Moroccan to bohemian. Try something like a table with a metal top to sharpen up the look with a bit of a contemporary contrast.

Finish the look with a blend of terracotta hues with neutrals.

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