Biophilia Influenced Interior Design

We spend most of our time indoors. Whether at work or at home, we don’t have enough time or the flexibility to connect with nature.

That’s what “biophilic design” is all about. It’s about incorporating natural elements into your workspace and home so you can be surrounded by nature even when you are indoors most of the day.

Sustainable design elements such as daylighting and outdoor views are one toolset we commonly use to accomplish this, but new studies show that the interior design community can have an even greater influence on quality of life by embracing biophilia —our intrinsic human fondness for, and connection to, nature. Built environments that deprive occupants of this essential bond are flirting with premature obsolescence.

What is Biophilia?

At the heart of biophilia is a need, deeply encoded within our DNA, for connection to the natural world. That includes sunlight, trees and flowers, and natural materials like wood, sand, leaves and stone. But just as deeply encoded is our intrinsic response to representations of these elements.

Keys to Biophilia Influences Interior design

1. Natural light is the life source of any space. Sure, artificial lighting can make up for a lack of natural sunlight, but it is certainly not optimal. Including large windows that let in ample sunlight and that give people a view of the outdoors will impact overall well-being and energy levels.

2. Designing an interior space with materials such as wood and stone are a great way to mimic the outdoors. Wood and stone are everywhere in nature and using these materials will give the occupants of a space the feeling of being closer to nature.

3. If you want to include biophilic design trends in the spaces you’re designing, you shouldn’t shy away from colors, especially natural ones. Use more vibrant and warmer colors, even if it’s just for an accent wall or decor items. Most interior design software and office design software have built-in color palettes you can use in your designs.

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