Home Office Interior Design Hacks

Whether you live in a 500 square foot apartment or in a spacious home, there is never enough room in the home office. Here are some interior design hacks that will give you more space in your home office.

Home Office Interior Design Hack #1 – Scan everything.

Banish those boxes of receipts, financial records, business cards and the rest with a scanner. Some scanners are the size of a bookmarker. Once you convert your documents to a digital format, shred the originals if you don’t need them and then organize your files electronically.

Home Office Interior Design Hack #2 – Hide a wireless printer.

Today, printers don’t have to live on your desk. Thanks to wireless technology, you can a printer out of sight nearly anywhere (hint: hide it in a bottom drawer that you can’t use), and then connect to it wirelessly from all of your devices.

Home Office Interior Design Hack #3 – Put your monitor on a shelf.

While desktop computers are sleeker than ever, accessories still clutter up the desk. You can place risers under your monitor but that will feel very ‘corporate.’ Try hanging a shelf on the back of the monitor and use it to hold the external hard drive, a portable scanner, and USB keys. From this shelf, the devices remain plugged in and ready for action, but with their cords out of sight.

Home Office Interior Design Hack #4 – Choose pretty desktop accessories.

Every surface in your home office is basically a stage, so carefully consider the objects you display. If an office tool gets a designated spot on your desk, make sure it is as beautiful as can be. Maybe a chrome stapler or a wooden business card holder. Consider handmade and unique details, shapes, or colors; they can add style and distract from their utilitarian role.

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