Make Your House A Home

Here are some thought starters to help you make your house a home. While we all have different ideals when it comes to our interiors and each have differing definitions of what makes a house feel homely to us, what tends to do the trick are personal touches and decorative finishes.

Here are some of the top ways to make you ways to make your home feel inviting.

Make you walls an art gallery

An easy way to make your house different is Artwork — and lots of it. One of the worst offenders for making properties lack homeliness is empty walls. Try getting a library of prints to create a more “pulled together” space. Artwork needs to be properly sized based on the scale of the wall, and ensure its not hung too high. Be sure to mix large pieces with clusters of smaller pieces.

Spice up the space with plants

If a quick trick to add ambiance is what you’re after, flowers are your friend. Choose plants according to its intended location and your level of expertise. Vast expanses will better benefit from large potted plants and trees (such as palms and fiddle leaf figs.) Table tops will make do with succulents or an arrangement of fresh flowers.

Create comfort with rugs in proper sizes

An ugly floor will suck the spirit from a room. Brighten it up with a rug for flair and additional comfort underfoot. Affordable, interesting designs can be found online and even in big boxes. Make sure you shop for a rug that’s big enough. Ideally, it should fit at least halfway under your furniture.

Layer lighting and add candles

Stuck with a space that remains cold and uninviting even after adding home decor? Consider switching up your lighting. Simple as it sounds, adding and layering light sources will alter the entire mood of a room, making it feel warm and welcoming. Harsh, fluorescent overhead lighting can trigger feelings. String lights and candles can create a warm glow.

Play more music

If you try everything and still get the sense something is amiss, turn on the tunes. Music has the power to completely transform people and alters the mood of the space to help you feel more cheery or relaxed. It’s particularly helpful when you’re entertaining.

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