Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Keep it neutral.

“Designing to sell” means that you don’t want to do anything too weird in a bedroom Keep the walls are white so the window treatments blend in seamlessly. The art shakes up the consistent color palette of black, white, gray, some lighter blues with woods and leathers is so easy.

2. Mix up the finishes.

Use a mix of finishes but keep them all fairly transitional and simple, nothing too glam or rustic. There is a fair mix of modern in there which also helps the entire room to feel clean and simple.

3. Create symmetry.

Keep nightstands and lamps that match here. It helps to balance out the room visually and also allows the eye to rest rather than looking at two different (and sometimes competing) bedside tables. In the right room, mix-and-match pieces can definitely work on either side of the bed but in general create symmetry.

4. Use natural light.

Natural light is beautiful in the bedroom. A window plan can create natural light evenly throughout the day. Custom window treatments can be a very expensive endeavor in a room, but they are worth the price if you can allocate part of your design budget toward them. There are a few things to consider when picking out window treatments. First off, will they be decorative or functional? Then, decide if you want them to filter light or black it out. Lastly, how do you want them to operate?
Although they seem simple to answer, all of these questions can become overwhelming when trying to pick out window coverings.

5. Add a large-scale rug.

One large rug can engulf a space and ruin the feel of the floors or the space itself. Try options like two rectangular rugs or a smaller organic shape. Rather than using a rug with a pattern, stripe or a lot of color, we again kept it neutral to echo the theme of the room.