Create a Her Space

When men want time away, they retreat to their man cave, the garage, the shed or other areas usually uninhabited by the family members. Women also deserve a place to escape and have some quiet time alone (or with other women). Whether it’s a place to relax, work, read, craft, sleep or just sit and do nothing, women are creating Her Spaces. Make a space just for you.

Some of the best places for a her space are:
– basement
– craft room
– reading nook
– porch

Men and women are very different, some might say even opposites. Their rooms should be different as well. Even though men tend to have priority in this case with their man caves, a woman also needs her privacy, a place where she can be herself. Let’s what exactly defines a man’s room in comparison with a woman’s room and how you can successfully adapt these ideas.


A Her Space

A woman has the right to quality and comfort, for a woman there words are style and elegance. Not every woman falls in the same category that describes them as delicate creatures that love the color pink and usually stay home taking care of the children. Each woman is different and thus needs to personalize her space in her own way.

A Her Space needs to be relaxing. It should be a sanctuary where she can retreat whenever she needs to regroup herself or to simply take some time for herself. This room can be a study, a studio or any other space. It doesn’t even need to be a room. For example, some people enjoy to spend time on the terrace or in the balcony, admiring the trees and the little people walking on the street, looking at the sky and the clouds.

Decorate the space with the color that you like best. It needs to reflect your personality and your character. Try to figure out your style and to choose furniture and accessories that represent you. You can include there items such as your favorite books, magazines, some paint and brushes if you like to paint or any other items that you can use for your hobby. Try not to fall pray to stereotypes and try to be original and creative.

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