20 Jul 2017

Good Interior Design is Not an Accident!

Did you ever look at an amazing space, with beautiful interior design that offers both comfort and readily apparent functionality? That result doesn’t come by accident—how a designer applies design elements and principles will determine how successful a design will be. Good interior designers don’t just play with pretty fabric!

Good Interior DesignInterior Design Starts With The Client Relationship

In a residential project, we begin with a complete interview of our clients about how they want to use each space and how they want them to feel. Armed with knowledge of a client’s lifestyle allows us to tailor our interior design to function well for them. We also build our relationships with our clients at the same time, because they know we care about how they feel in their own homes.


Analyze The Interior Space

As we move through our design process, next we analyze adjacency of the spaces and traffic flow, to ensure that movement is natural and open. We want to use all of the spaces well, and still have an open, approachable, welcoming mood. If a room feels imposing and aloof, people simply don’t want to spend time there. If the purpose of a piece of furniture is not recognizable or the furnishings are not comfortable or functional to the space, the room will not feel right to even an inexperienced eye.


Good Interior Design Is Creative Too!

The next part of our interior design process shifts our focus from the left side of the brain to the right side when we begin our selections for the project, chosen right in our own design center. We’re so lucky we don’t have to go from store to store to find everything—that makes it so much easier to stay on budget and apply our design elements and principles. Yes, this includes the “playing with pretty fabric” part too!

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