05 Mar 2018

Interior Design Should Create an Experience!

The number one requirement we hear from our clients these days is that they want to create a comfortable home, a place to truly relax and unwind. To meet that need, we ask our clients how they like to unwind on vacation—whether it be lounging with a good book, eating great food outdoors or being able to put one’s feet up on the furniture. Armed with some good client input, we plan our design with their needs in mind, to provide casual comfort that seamlessly moves indoors and out, to evoke that “vacation mode” within their own homes.

When we met our clients Cary and Julie, they wanted their home to be more welcoming and comfortable. They love living on the lake, and we thought we should embrace that and play up their best asset—all of those great windows and the lake view. Their existing family room seating worked for watching television, but their backs were to the lake. And although all of those windows offered a view, so many of them made the space a bit austere without some window treatments to soften them up.

 Interior Design experience before


In our design, we have comfortable seating for television viewing, but the chairs on the end are swivel, so Cary and Julie can turn and look at the lake too if they wish. We softened the windows with sheer, white panels on iron hardware, without compromising the view. We also brought the outdoors in, with a color palette of water and sand. With the doors open, the indoors seamlessly blends with the adjacent patios and creates one very large space for family and friends.

Interior Design experience after


We treasure our relationship with Cary and Julie, and get together often just to catch up. Our first project turned into several, and we’ve nearly finished their entire home. If you like the idea of working with a design team that you trust with everything, and treats you like family, call us today and let’s get acquainted!