Home Decor Trends… As Seen On Pinterest

Home Decor Trends… As Seen On Pinterest

If you’re like us, you love to explore new design ideas. A few home decor touches can make a world of difference and make your happy home look shiny and new in an instant. And what better place to look for inspiration than the ever-growing vision board that is Pinterest? We consulted with the inspirational platform to find out the three most pinnable decor trends right now.

Pinterest Home Decor Trend #1 – Home, Stylish, Home

Velvet on Pinterest

According to Pinterest, velvet is the texture du jour, with a 352% increase YOY. From statement chairs to accent pieces, this warm, retro fabric seems to be making its way into every home for fall.

Blush on Pinterest

Although crimson is at top of mind for fall, the millennial pink trend is still going strong, particularly in the home decor realm. Blush hues are being embraced like crazy, particularly when mixed with vibrant shades like teal (with a 39% increase YOY) and copper (a combo that made Pinterest’s top 100 home trends for 2017).

Hanging Decor on Pinterest

From floating DIY shelves to swinging greenery, the latest inclination in decor is to let it all hang out … literally. Some of the best decorating ideas for hanging decor include flowers, lanterns,ribbons, lights and banners. If you chose a rustic theme then banners are an excellent choice for hanging decor. Not only can they be used to showcase announcements and sweet messages, when you use a lot of them, they create a unique look just as they are. Banners come in all sorts of materials, from jute to paper and even chalkboards, so you can customize as much as you like.

Contact us and bring in your home decor trends from Pinterest (or any place else) and let us help you create the perfect home decor for your favorite space.

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