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Clients for Life–Our Story of the Month:

It’s heartwarming when we know we have clients for life, who trust us implicitly, value what we do and come to us time and time again.

Our installation of a traditional home in Westlake Village in October, 2019 was a rewarding one. Our clients worked in Singapore for years, and when the relocated to the States they settled in Westlake Village. Our interior design challenge was to incorporate all of the treasured pieces they had collected during their stay abroad, into the traditional, comfortable style they love. We called this project “When east meets Westlake…”, and it was a resounding success because our clients were thrilled on installation day. One of our favorite comments was:

“We had no idea how to make all this stuff work, and you made everything we collected when we were away look so good! Now we can have people over…Our favorite thing you did was the creative solution you had to the window treatment in the guest room, the way you solved all of the problems with the windows, trim and crown, and it is so beautiful!”

Our clients also appreciate it when things go smoothly along the way, and we strive for that with every project. At Designs of the Interior, we think it’s a gold standard of good interior design to create a home uniquely designed for each person or family. Exceptional interior design is our business and our passion.

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How Do We Approach Every Interior Design Project?

We Listen:
We take the time to understand your goals, discuss your design inspiration and identify the style and functionality that you want in your finished home.

We Set a Budget Before We Begin:
We understand that everyone has a budget, and we agree on what that will be before we begin. Our remarkable resources allow us to delight you, within budget.

We Solve Problems:
Some homes have problems to solve, and we’ve seen so many over the years! Our first task in a new interior design project is to solve the existing problems with creative solutions, and it’s a rewarding challenge that we love to tackle.

We Play Up Your Assets:
When we look at a floor plan or walk into a home, there is always a feature that is or should be enhanced. We like to design with that in mind, to make the most of that feature with a seamless design.

We Deliver:
We know that great design goes way beyond a room full of furniture. We take your vision and bring it to its highest level, with our creative sensibility, fine taste, expertise and experience. Our process becomes a wonderful collaboration between you and our design team.

We Have Remarkable Resources:

We have one of the largest furniture and fabric libraries in the country, with hundreds of resources at our fingertips, in our own design center. Anything not here is a phone call away. Custom upholstery, custom window treatments and custom panels, casegoods, rugs, art, lighting and accessories all come together to complete any home.

Our team is also remarkable, as we’re with you from start to finish. After your design is completed, we carefully place and track your orders and plan and direct your installation. Everything is placed to perfection, to delight you when you walk in for our big reveal. It’s a fun day, carefully orchestrated for you!

Beauty. Warmth. Comfort.

If you like the idea of working with a design team that you trust with everything, and treats you like family, call us today and let's get acquainted!
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