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Our Interior Design Process Will be a Wonderful Experience:

It’s heartwarming when we know we have clients for life, who trust us implicitly, value what we do and come to us time and time again. We were reminded of that again this month, as we work on the third home for a long time client–from a traditional Mediterranean villa to a beach home to an updated Mediterranean style.

“We’re keeping a few of our favorite pieces to go to the new home, and we know you guys can figure out where to place those things and then fill in the rest with all new furniture. We want you to give everything an updated look, and we can’t wait to see what you do! We trust you to “de-gold” everything and make it look like how we like things, since you know us so well!”

Bottom line, everyone wants a comfortable home they love to come home to… and everyone has a different idea of what that might look or feel like. At Designs of the Interior, we think it’s a gold standard of good interior design to create a home uniquely designed for each person or family. To accomplish that, we’ve developed a design process that is easy and nonthreatening, that our clients are surprised and relieved to sum up as a wonderful experience!

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How Do We Approach Every Interior Design Project?

We Listen:
We ask lots of questions and listen to what you say. It sounds so basic, but we’ve heard many horror stories about designers that actually dictate what they think should be selected. We want to know about kids and pets and allergies, how you entertain, how you relax, what you want to feel in each room, what things you own that are special to you, and what styles or things you’ve seen that excite you.

We Set a Budget Before We Begin:
We understand that everyone has a budget, and our vast resources stretch from good, better to best price points. Once we chat with you about the scope of your project, we can estimate what your project will cost for each price point, or combination of price points, and you decide what budget range is right for you.

We Solve Problems:
Some homes have problems to solve, and we’ve seen so many over the years! If we’re involved during the pre-construction phase, we can catch things that won’t work well after the home is built. For an existing home, there may be odd angles, windows placed in unlikely spots or lack of them, spaces that seem unable to suit a homeowner’s needs, or spaces that need partial or complete remodeling. Our first task in a new interior design project is to solve the problems with creative solutions, and it’s a rewarding challenge that we love to tackle.

We Play Up Your Assets:
When we look at a floor plan or walk into a home, there is always a feature that is or should be enhanced. We like to design with that in mind, to make the most of that feature with a seamless design.

We Bring Creativity, Expertise and Experience:
Our firm will successfully guide you through the interior design process so you can make the right decisions for you and your family. We know that great design goes way beyond a room full of furniture. Our creative vision, education and experience will facilitate the interior design process to consider all aspects of good design, like scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis and harmony. With your input and our creativity, our process becomes a wonderful collaboration between you and our design team.

We Use Remarkable Resources:

We have one of the largest furniture and fabric libraries in the country, with hundreds of resources at our fingertips, in our own design center, so we won’t have to take you to dozens of showrooms and retail centers. Anything not in our extensive sample library is complimented by our reps being a phone call away to bring us anything else we might need. Custom upholstery, custom window treatments and custom panels, casegoods, rugs, art, lighting and accessories all come together to complete any home.

Our team is also remarkable, as we’re with you from start to finish. After your design is completed, we carefully place your orders, track the progress, plan your installation and direct the installation in your home on delivery day. Everything is placed to perfection, to delight you when you walk in for our big reveal. It’s a fun day, carefully orchestrated for you!

See examples of some of our remarkable resources below, and remember we’re just a phone call away! (Click image for a detailed view):


Custom Upholstery

Custom Window Treatments

Custom Draperies

Casegoods for every room


Beauty. Warmth. Comfort.

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