Top Decorating Ideas for Today’s Interiors

Top Decorating Ideas for Today’s Interiors

Want to bring your house, or even just a room, up to style speed? Here are some top decorating ideas that will fit your interior and get your creative juices flowing!

Decorating Idea #1 – Mismatched Sets

The modern home wants to look and feel as unique as its owners. This is much easier to accomplish without the use of pre-packaged furniture sets. Mix and match pieces for a delightful vibe. It can feel eclectic. A natural wood table pairs nicely and unexpectedly with a black upholstered bench, for example.

Modern decorating doesn’t shy away from deep, dark, moody hues in any space. These can be, and probably should be, tempered with some softer shades and textures to lessen their harsh visual blow, but the truth is, dark colors belong in light spaces.

Decorating Idea #2 – Mixed Materials

Pieces made up of a variety of materials are interesting and unique, which is why they’re so appealing for a modern space. Why use a chair that’s just your typical wood chair when you can go for a one-of-a-kind seat. Try acrylic, wood or cable-knit. Modern decorating ideas are all about expressing your individuality, and mixed materials definitely help to do just that.

Decorating Idea #3 – Abstract Lighting

Taking a more abstract approach to lighting a home’s interior (and exterior) is a design concept that has been gaining in popularity for years. There’s something airy and luxurious, not to mention sophisticated, about the white space contained in and through abstract and branched lighting in any space.

Where heavy draperies once signified opulence and sophistication, the ability to douse an interior in natural light is one of today’s greatest design luxuries. Keeping window treatments minimal, or altogether absent when appropriate, is one of the simplest modern decorating ideas that has complex payoffs in almost every space.

Decorating Idea #4 – Quirky Details

One trendy modern decorating idea is the use of quirky details in décor. From a giant stuffed kangaroo standing in the corner to an upholstered bench boasting a lineup of consecutive tiger throw pillows, we are able to get a sense of the playful as much as the styled. While large gallery walls and other displays are still a popular way to display artwork, the current trend is toward less accessory in the display of art and more of the art itself. Bare, frameless photographs are commonly hung on the wall, for example, exhibiting the beauty of simplicity and appreciation for content over context in the visual realm.

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