Shades of White – White is a designer’s dream

White Walls – Always In Fashion

Trends may come and go, but white walls will always be stylish. White makes a room fresh and instantly adds a clean and bright feeling. Best of all, white works with almost every interior design style.

Like everything else in design, white presents its own set of of challenges. Since the shade belongs to a more subtle section of the color wheel, undertones and finishes play a major role in how white paint colors look when dry. That makes it tough to select the “right” white for a room. Designer tip – white paints should always be consistent, work with your built-ins, furniture and existing elements.

A fun way to create a modern look is to paint baseboards and walls the same white with different finishes. For a traditional feel, keep the finish and mix up the whites on different surfaces.

Here are some of the most popular shades of white from Benjamin Moore.

Simply White

Simply White is one of the most frequently used whites. It is a pure white with the slightest warm undertone—perfect for almost all applications.

Swiss Coffee

Perfect for the traditionalist, Swiss Coffee is definitely designed to feel very warm without looking too yellow. Think creamy.

White Dove

A great soft white that’s a little less warm than Swiss Coffee, White Dove adds more warmth than Simply White.

Crisp Linen

Crisp Linen adds a touch of history to your walls with a tone that reads clean.

Super White

If you like a crisp white, like a modern ‘gallery’, try Super White. It’s bright.

Colors are fun and can truly change the emotion and feeling of any space. Want to know which white works best for your space? Ask the design team at Designs of the Interior in Westlake Village, California.

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