7 Bedroom Design Tricks

Seven Bedroom Design Tricks

bedroom design tips

A bedroom should be your peaceful place. In most surveys, the master bedroom is defined as the second most important room in a home (after the living room and just before the kitchen.) Want to make your bedroom a special place? Try these 7 bedroom design tricks.

1. Big Bed, Big Bed

Use the biggest bed that won’t throw off a room’s scale to make your bedroom cozy. This means go for a full, queen, or king sized bed. As long as you can fit a nightstand comfortably on each side of the bed, go big. For immediate effect, makes sure the bed faces the doorway and can immediately be seen when entering the room.

Now that the bed is the focal point of the room, play up the bedding. Layers of bedding and pillows, in white and neutral will evoke a sense of relaxation better than bright colors do. Fluffy bedspreads, comforters, and duvets appear to be the most inviting. Splurge on that big bed!

2. Lose the dresser

Dressers are no longer a must-have in most bedrooms, thanks to closet organizers. They take up square footage and get in the way of creating that relaxing mood. Put your clothes in a well organized closet and replace the dresser with a bench or comfortable chair.

3. Tickle Your Toes

Rugs and floor accessories are a great way to bring texture into a home and make it feel cozy. Layer a flat rug with a cowhide to give your bedroom a modern look while filling up empty floor space.

4. Stay away from the bedroom ‘set’

Avoid using matching furniture. It makes the space dull and steals your personality from your bedroom. This bedroom design tip extends to decor, too. Add layers of textures and colors, try mixing old with new, metallics with matte, and shaggy blanket textures with soft pillows.

5. Keep the walls neutral

People want to walk into a bedroom and feel relaxed and comfortable. The wall color is very important. Select a color that feels serene or creates a sense of peace. Soft colors – light grays and blues, and of course, neutral beiges.

6. Add a plant

A plant on a nightstand or a fig tree in the corner will make the room more interesting and alive. Greenery is a great way to make a room more livable and inviting.

7. Keep nightstands clean

Limit your nightstands to a few small accessories. A great light fixture, a small stack of books and a plant, or perhaps flowers and/or candles. For a lot of us, the bedside table is one of the first things we see in the morning; wake up with a sense of organization and peace, not a jumble of chaotic ‘stuff.’

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