DESIGN INSPIRATION July 2018: A Glamorous Malibu Beach House

10 Jul 2018

What do you get when cross Hollywood Glam, Romance and a Malibu Beach House?

A Beach House with Flair

We knew from our first meeting with Patti and Tom that their 3-story Malibu beach house would have a flair. The end result is the perfect blend of the unexpected: fun, Hollywood glam, cozy, functional and beachy. Patti wanted this weekend home to be completely different from what she’d had before, and imagined a not-too-contemporary style mixed with her love of Hollywood glam. Tom’s vision was to have a beach retreat that he could occasionally rent out, so it had to be functional and resilient. Both wanted to play up the ocean views, which had been a bit compromised by the original construction.

We marvel how those in-depth conversations that start a client relationship inspire us as we begin a project. It is such a thrill to see and hear our clients’ reactions when we understand their needs perfectly and exceed their expectations! Problem-solving in the living room/kitchen areas was our first focus.


Living Room Interior Design

BEFORE DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: The living room had a wall separating it from the kitchen area, shown on the right of the photo, which made it feel smaller and counterintuitive to the open, friendly space we imagined.


AFTER DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: With the wall removed, there was room for a full-sized dining table between the living room and the kitchen. Our design created a large, friendly great room that offered an ocean view from the entire area!


Kitchen Interior Design

BEFORE DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: Where to begin on this kitchen! It was dark and gloomy, completely separated from a view of the ocean. Our thought was that no beach house should have a kitchen that does not have a view! There also was no window over the kitchen sink, which would have offered a lovely view of the patio garden and would have added much-needed light.


AFTER DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: This newly designed kitchen is a WOW—light, bright, open, functional, with plenty of Hollywood glam and glitz that Patti loves! Removing the living room wall created a view to the ocean and a great room layout. The new window over the sink added light and a back view. The mirrored accents on the refrigerator doors and on a bank of cabinets opposite brightened the area and make the kitchen cheerful and fun to be in!


Den and Billiard Room Interior Design

Play and relaxation space, with plenty of room to stretch out, was created in the den, which adjoins the billiard room.  Gaming, movies and billiards will be a hit here for kids, grand kids and those renters that Tom wanted to plan for.

BEFORE DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: Located on the dark side of the house, the dark stain on the back storage cabinet and dark stone on the fireplace wall make the space uninviting and gloomy.


AFTER DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: New, lighter granite replaced the dark stone on the fireplace wall, opposite the seating area. A TV was mounted over the fireplace. We love the ottomans on casters and the upholstered cocktail table with serving trays within. Best of all, we maximized the seating available for everyone to gather in comfort!


Master Suite / Master Bath Interior Design

This master suite spans the entire depth of the home on the 3rd floor.  Our inspiration for the space was to create a luxurious retreat for romance and relaxation that would appeal to those renters that Tom wanted to attract.

BEFORE DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: This bathroom was so enormous, it appeared that the builder intended to fill it with tub deck. It was dated and a bit dangerous to get to the tub!


AFTER DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: A freestanding, stainless steel tub beneath the octagon window made such a pretty vignette. Our herringbone Calcutta tile, wallpaper, raised cabinet design, gorgeous mirrors and sconces with crystals added glitz and romance!


Home Office Interior Design

Patti wanted an office in her new Malibu home, and we thought the library would offer the perfect setting for her. We wanted it to be glamorous, cozy and filled with pretty things that we knew she would enjoy!

BEFORE DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: We liked the curved back wall and book ledges, and wanted to play up those assets in the room. We wanted to add much more light, to create a friendly atmosphere.


AFTER DESIGNS OF THE INTERIOR: The curved wall became the backdrop and focal point in the room, wallpapered and adorned with slender, vertical mirrored art. Patti’s dramatic desk, comfortable lounge chairs, tufted ottoman and lots of pretty accessories were perfect for her glamorous taste! The crown jewel was the crystal chandelier, that sparkled with her personality.



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