17 Jan 2019

We’ve Got you Covered

From Interior Design Inspiration to a Great Installation

After everything is selected in an interior design project, the wait begins for our clients, for everything to arrive. What our clients may not know is what’s going on behind the scenes by our team, to make sure our installation day is planned down to the last detail, for a well-coordinated effort by all. We process orders, prepare PO’s, track our orders and/or production in our workrooms and coordinate timing with all parties involved. We do an important remeasure appointment for all custom window treatments and prepare detailed work orders for custom upholstery. All aspects are documented in our client notebook, which becomes our playbook for the entire process. And all of this is just the beginning…

A Recent Installation

At a recent installation for a 7000 square foot home, we brought in 14 people that day, for a flurry of activity that went on for 10 hours. Our delivery company began loading everything at their warehouse at 4 am, for a 9 am delivery, with a careful list we prepared to make sure everything got on the truck. So much happened that day, all orchestrated with our schedule and checklists: placing rug pads and rugs, unwrapping and placing our custom upholstery and casegoods, fluffing pillows, polishing wood finishes and cleaning glass, unwrapping and placing accessories, hanging 22 large pieces of art, potting silk trees and top dressing them with black river rock…until all was perfectly placed. By 7 pm, when all was cleaned up and the debris was hauled away, the last three of us walked the home with our happy clients, to admire each room and everything we had done.

One of our favorite rooms in our clients’ home was the master bedroom, exactly what Stacie wanted: white bedding, simple lines, with a feminine touch. She was so happy when she saw it. Her joy was worth the long day installation.

Great Installation

Our Clients’ Words

Our clients’ words still warm our hearts when we think of them: “We liked everything when you showed it all to us at the presentation in your office, and then we met again and you showed us all of the art and accessories, and by that time I kind of stopped paying attention, because I knew you guys had it! But when we see everything now, it’s just so beautiful! We’ve been living in an empty house, and now you’ve made it feel like home. Thank you so much, we love it!”

It’s such a pleasure to work with our wonderful clients and hear their gratitude for us having transformed their house into a home. This particular installation was three days before Christmas, and the family was to host Christmas dinner in their new dining room at the round table that seats 8. When the dining room chairs didn’t make it in time for our installation due to weather back East, we scrambled to make sure dinner happened around that new table. Our owner brought in stackable dining chairs that she uses in her own home for holiday celebrations, to use until the actual ones arrived. We try to do everything we can to make our clients happy. Sometimes things happen beyond our control that can waylay the best laid plan, but our goal is to find a solution or remedy as quickly as possible.

If you like the idea of working with a design team that you trust with everything, and treats you like family, call us today and let’s get acquainted!

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If you like the idea of working with a design team that you trust with everything, and treats you like family, let's get acquainted or call us at (805) 418-1890
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