25 Jan 2018

Matching Interior Design to YOUR Lifestyle

Lifestyle is perhaps the most important influence in good interior design, because it determines whether or not a space will actually function after the last window treatment is hung and the lamps are lit. Each person has habits, attitudes, tastes, needs and wants in their lives, and if those aren’t met, a pretty room is a waste of the investment and becomes an unused space. We tell our clients “You pay the same amount per square foot for every room, so we should make sure each space is worth your investment.”

“We want our Idaho home to be comfortable and warm, and feel like the mountains, lake and wooded area that surround us…”

“We want our CA beach home to be the color of the sand, with comfortable seating in high end, outdoor fabric so we don’t have to worry about anyone
sitting on the furniture and getting it wet, or we can have a party with friends without worrying that something will spill…”

“We want our CA beach home to have a beach theme throughout, and be comfortable for our kids and grandkids to come and stay,
with all of the bedrooms designed for maximum sleeping capacity…”

“We want our single story home to flow from inside to out in feeling, color and function, from the family room to the patio in a step,
with plenty of room to entertain family and friends with welcoming comfort…”

“We want our Pasadena home to be formal but comfortable, with a living room design that will compliment the historical setting and
be suitable for just the two of us to enjoy a quiet evening, or for a house full of guests to mingle and relax…”

“We want our Montecito home to be comfortable and colorful, with our patio being very important to us on a daily basis to relax, watch TV,
enjoy a glass of wine or meal, and to entertain often with family and friends…”

Good Interior Design Doesn’t Save Lives – BUT Wait a Minute, Maybe It Does Save Lives….
To accomplish total functionality, we ask lots of nosey questions about kids, pets, allergies, entertaining habits and more. We even ask our clients to sit on their favorite chair, to watch if they slouch, curl up, or put their feet up on a cocktail table. Measurements of seat depth and arm height are taken to make sure we select a chair that is comparably sized for their personalized comfort. We draw each space to scale and insert all of the furniture to optimize traffic flow, proximity to the television and outdoor view angles, to ensure that sitting in that space is a favorite destination.

Good interior design happens when a client calls or texts us repeatedly, for great lengths of time, to say “I love my home… I enjoy my home so much… my home is so beautiful, I can’t believe I actually live here… thank you again for making this so perfect for our family… everyone who walks into our home comments on the warmth and beauty…”

Good interior design and what we do doesn’t save lives, but it sure can impact one’s quality of life. Wait a minute, maybe it does save lives…

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