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14 Nov 2019

Refresh.  Renew.  Your Bathroom Vanity Needs Some Love Too!

With the promise of guests over the holidays, we all start to think our homes need a bit of a refresh. One space that tends to get the most attention is the bathroom, and particularly the cornerstone of the bath—your vanity! Your choices just got more personal and beautiful, with more options than every before to add layers of style.

Where do you start? We like to say “Start with the case, base, face and place. Then we add finish, hardware and top.” You can imagine how many combinations are possible with that many variables. Literally, no two-bathroom vanities will be alike with this many options available to you! To begin, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  1. We start with the case part of the vanity, with just a few of the door and drawer combinations like these:

  2. Then we select the base we like on the case, from the traditional toe kick style in the center, to a legged base, to metal base legs in different finishes.

  3. The drawer face is your opportunity to really add some style, with designer details like these below. The decorative details can even be in a contrast finish or metallic.

  4. Placement of the hardware also can be an opportunity for personalization, with choices like these:

  5. Hardware style and finish choices add the jewelry to the vanity cabinet, from classically simple to natural materials like bone, to glitzy drops like earrings.

  6. Finishes are as endless as the color wheel, and add another dimension to your personalized vanity. We recently did a bathroom of tile with a grey geometric pattern over a white background, and did the vanity in a gray finish to match the pattern. It’s beautiful but not too feminine, and is perfect for the 10-year old boy who will use it. Naturally, his mom loves it too!
  7. So many choices are available for the top of the vanity, from Corian quartz to natural stone or marble, in all of the colors in which they can be found. Sink choices and methods of mounting them enter into your custom mix, whether it be undermount, overmount or vessel. The last detail for your custom vanity is your plumbing hardware. In our interior design work, we make sure to correlate the cabinet pulls, faucets, mirror and light fixtures as well.

Imagine how good it will feel to refresh and renew your home! Love your vanity, love your furniture… love your lifestyle! Give us a call today to chat with a designer, at 805-418-1890.


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