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15 May 2019

We love a challenge, when we can turn a problem into an inspired design that becomes a focal point. For a recent project in Westlake Village, our client shared his biggest annoyance with us—he has a collection of guitars that he loves to look at and play, but they were all stored in closets. It was a nuisance to get a guitar out and get it ready to play, which meant he wasn’t playing as much as he would’ve liked.

Our first thought was to display them, but we wanted our display to be over the top beautiful, with our homeowner’s desk placed in front of them, to enjoy daily. We selected our display wall and started planning…


We measured the guitars and carefully planned out the placement in an elevation:


Cork wallpaper with embedded slivers of brass was installed on our display wall, and we found simple, contemporary guitar holders and had them clad in the wallpaper as well, so they would nearly disappear on the wall. It gave the office a dramatic, finished look, made the guitars accessible and beautiful to look at, and made our homeowner very happy!

It’s so satisfying to solve a design problem with a clever and beautiful solution, and it warms our hearts to know that our homeowner looks at this wall with joy each day. That is what makes our design team so special. We listen and go the extra mile for our clients, and they know they will get something they never would have thought of. Uniquely designed, with purpose.

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