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13 Sep 2018

Design Inspiration: Colors Good Enough to Eat!

Design inspiration comes from a lot of sources. Interior designers use color to create a mood and feel in a space. While our design team tends toward timeless design, it is fun to bring in pops of color that are currently trending. The color experts who select the Pantone colors of the year have released their 2019 color palettes, and we are devouring them (pun intended!)

The first palette is called CRAVINGS, and draws design inspiration from the plate. Spicy red, sweet flamingo orange, and plum purples bring excitement to the palette. Cool grass green creates balance, and buttered rum and cappuccino add warmth. These colors combined are intended to appeal to the senses and remind you of sweet, tempting foods like these.

The second palette, CLASSICO, is a tribute to colors that are timeless and enduring. Camel-colored tan, swan white, caviar black, burgundy red, gray flannel, gold, and apricot brandy. These colors are not only popular in the U.S. but worldwide.

We love the two color palettes combined, as this is how we typically design—timeless color with “tastes” of exciting new color introductions. The interior design world reacts quickly to the new color trends, with beautiful selections in fabrics, accessories and rugs. The photo collage combines both palettes, trending and timeless, and just a few of the new leading edge choices that we found.

If you’d like a big “helping” of this color palette from the plate, give us a call and we’ll help you with a design that’s good enough to eat!

Bon Appetit!!


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