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06 Mar 2021

One of Life’s Lessons Made Easy…
“Make Your Bed”


We all grew up hearing that we should make our bed. And many of us may have heard about the inspirational speech by US Navy Vice Admiral William H. McRaven about the subject. He took this fundamental life lesson and made it resonate with millions. We humbly would like to add a PS to his advice, to suggest that you can make your bed beautifully.

Make Your Bed - Interior design life lesson

Read on to hear the stories behind each of these bedroom interior designs. We were inspired by what is important to our clients because we know that everyone has their own vision of the perfect bedroom. That makes making the bed, a beautiful experience.

Make Your Bed - Interior design life lesson

When Lynn asked us to make her master bedroom romantic, we looked at inspiration photos with her before we started, to see what her idea of romance was. Our design included tufting, luxurious bedding, richly embroidered fabrics and touches of glam, to exceed Lynn’s wildest expectations.

Make Your Bed - Interior design life lesson

Staci imagined her bedroom as a quiet retreat and her taste tended toward all shades of white. Comfortable chaise lounges beacon one to recline and take advantage of the perfect view of the lovely back yard, and comfy chairs invite relaxation by the fire.

Make Your Bed - Interior design life lesson

As a frequent world traveler, Victor wanted his own master suite to feel as luxurious as the ones in which he was a guest. The soothing color palette and rich textures were juxtaposed with sleek, contemporary furnishings to create the sophisticated suite that Victor dreamed of.

Make Your Bed - Interior design life lesson

R and K have lived overseas extensively and collected special pieces over the years. It was a delight to use those pieces as a starting point; we created an interior design for them in the traditional style they love, that is comfortable and beautiful.

Are You Inspired to Make Your Bed (beautifully)?

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