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31 Dec 2020

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Home

(And Why Do We Need Them?)
Designs of the Interior Westlake Village

Imagine this room without the tree in the corner, the art over the fireplace, or the perfectly balanced accessories on the shelving. It would look quite bare, and only half finished! We need accessories to add color, balance, texture, height and warmth to a room. It’s so much more that adding a vase here and there and calling it a day! Accessories make a house a home. Read on for our best tips to accessorize correctly…

Designs of the Interior
First, we focus on the things that take up the most space,
like the custom upholstery in the room, the case goods, the rug and the custom window treatments. When we create a beautiful and comfortable interior design, we approach the project like one would a jig-saw puzzle.
Next we consider the people who live there, and what their interests and passions are, and bring that into the space. With those thoughts in mind, we start the search with some guidelines that always make the completed space interesting and complete:

Steps to Choosing the Right Accessories

  1. Scale can’t be emphasized enough in accessory choices. We make a statement with our accessory choices, and work an overall plan so everything works together in a balanced way. For example, in the bar photo, you can see that we worked from an elevation of the bar and shelving that was to be built, and sketched in accessory choices for scale and balance.
  2. Style of the home is important, of course; accessory choices should be consistent with the style of the home, but with enough variety that it doesn’t look thematic or all the same. We like to bring in a variety of materials with differences in color, texture, sheen and shape. We consider art glass, ceramic, wood, metal, books, sculpture, personal keepsakes, plants, photographs and art as important components.

    Designs of the Interior Westlake Village
    In this photo, our clients’ love of music and treasured travel keepsakes made accessorizing this traditional room so personalized. Our custom mirror over the fireplace was the crowning touch, to best reflect a favorite sculpture.

    In this photo, Spanish plates and serving pieces echo our color palette and create the perfect mood for a comfortable and welcoming Spanish dining room. We love how the accessories add meaning and drama to our custom cabinet, to make it even more special.

  3. Keep it clean. One large piece is so much better than a clutter of small things. We also like to place things in grouping and layers, not lined up. Elegant and refined spaces need a bit of breathing room between things to feel open and welcoming.

    When you bring out your holiday decorations, it’s a great idea to put a few of your every-day accessories in a closet until after the holidays, to keep a clean look.

  4. Appropriateness will be a part of, or will detract from, a final interior design. One must ask of oneself: does this item fit with the use of the room or how things work? If not, it’s not a good accessory choice. For example, a candle on a shelf is a bad choice, because lighting it would be a fire hazard; even it one never lights the candle, it must appear to function well.
  5. Outdoor spaces need accessories too! If we know that accessories make a space feel more welcoming, then it makes sense to add those finishing touches to the patio, as one can see in this photo.


Are you inspired to choose the right accessories?

If the idea of a great interior design, complete with the perfect accessories, appeals to you and you’ve been inspired by this article, or you’ve just thought of someone who needs our help, give us a call today at 805-418-1890 and we’ll tell you how to get started. We’d love to hear from you!


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