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24 Nov 2020

How Do You Make a Statement with a Rug?

Nothing sets the stage like a perfect area rug. It can say “Ta-Da, I’m here!” or be an interesting texture underfoot that draws you into a room. It sets the mood of the room, defines the color palette and grounds the space to feel unified and complete. In a good interior design, a careful rug choice can also soften a room’s edges, create a welcoming mood and bring greater comfort to the space.

FIRST, consider the size of your room

Be sure to consider the size of the space you’ll be putting your rug in. There are several ways to make a statement with a rug. Go large, and fill the room to about 2 feet from each wall. Or you might go very bold, with perhaps a smaller size, so it doesn’t overwhelm.

SECOND, consider your style—traditional, transitional or contemporary

Traditional Rugs


Transitional rugs


Contemporary Rugs


THIRD, choose furniture and design details that compliment your rug

Once you’ve found the rug that fits your space and style, the next step is to build your interior design around the rug. Fabric selections should complement your rug with either an intentional contrast or a repetition of some of the tones in the rug. There are often clever ways to repeat the rug pattern elsewhere in the design in a subtle way, that makes the finished interior design sing with harmony. Two examples of finished interior designs are below, and demonstrate the importance of a statement rug, no matter your style!

traditional interior design
For this traditional interior design, we pulled colors from the rug’s palette for the sofa and pillows, to please our color-loving clients and to give us the unified look we wanted.

Contemporary interior design
Contemporary interior design also begins with the rug—we selected this statement rug for its artistic appeal, to complement the artistic vibe of this Montecito home. Our largest upholstered piece picked up the neutral tones in our rug, and we went bold with our color choice in the blue swivel chairs.

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