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14 Oct 2020

Calm Starts at Home

Designs of the Interior Westlake Village

Our living spaces greatly influence our physical health and emotional state of mind. Now more than ever, good interior design should create environments that stimulate our senses in a good way, improve relaxation and have health and wellness benefits for the people who live there. We have found a few extra tips that incorporate these thoughts.
Frame That View
Frame that view with expertly designed window treatments to softly frame the window and bring the outdoors in; the fabric acts like a “picture frame” and enhances the view. Look at the remarkable transformation above, with before and after photos of an ocean side view that deserved to be framed.

Calm Starts At Home

Bring Nature Indoors
Bring nature indoors with natural greenery because plants look great, and they boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. Green plants will reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds. They clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen.

Calm Starts At Home

Incorporate Soft And Cozy Light Colors
Incorporate soft and cozy light colors with relaxing vibes to create a sense of security and calm with a space that feels like an escape from the outside world. No matter what your style is, add touches that speak to your soul.

Calm Starts At Home

Organize Your Life
Organize your life, because clutter can cause anxiety and discomfort. We know that work, school and leisure activities from home mean more “stuff” to find a place for. Now more than ever, we think of functionality in our interior design projects, with clever storage solutions for whatever the need might be.
If you’re ready for some calm at home, give us a call us today at 805-418-1890 to schedule your private showing of calming fabrics—a great place to start the transformation of your home!

Calm Starts At Home


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