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21 May 2020

Interior Design—More Important Than Ever

During the time we all stayed home with our families, we may have come to the realization that our chronically busy lives were just wearing us out, and hustle and bustle was taking away from the things that really matter—family and being together, laughing around the dinner table, or curling up on that comfy sofa to watch a movie. There’s a sense of peace and safety, comfort and security, that comes from being nested in one’s home. As a result, there is a growing need in people who want to make their homes the best they can be, reflective of how they want to live, in comfort, beauty and happiness.

One example is a couple we spoke to this week that loves listening to music. We will help them to channel their passion into a luxurious music room, with sumptuous seating and acoustically effective window treatments. A seldom used room will become the favorite of the house. We love to challenge ourselves in every project, to make sure every room will be used well and thoroughly enjoyed!

Is it safe yet? As we venture forth from quarantine, we’ll all face the challenges of how to keep our families safe in this brave, new world. Personal and professional services will be different, and will adapt too. At our interior design firm, we’ve always used Zoom and FaceTime for out-of-town clients, but now that will be an option for everyone, if they feel safer that way. We also will meet in person with masks, at a distance, to walk our clients’ homes and do our presentations and installations. Our high standards of service have not changed. In our office, we’ve taken every step to provide a safe environment for our team and our clients. We have new procedures in place as well, that have been approved by our county to be in compliance with the state criteria for reopening.

At Designs of the Interior, what you will see when you work with us will be a little different, but we are careful and thorough, well-planned and safe. You will know exactly what is going to happen and when, as we orchestrate our team into your home for a meeting or installation. Great results come from careful planning, and we’ve always done that.

Interior Design - more important than ever

Our interior design team begins every consultation with lifestyle questions, to design spaces that perfectly suit a client’s personality. Why not have us help you rethink how you use your home, to make it the best it can be for you? We’re here for you! Give us a call at 805-418-1890 if you’re ready to start.


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