Hallway Interior Design Ideas

Hallway Interior Design Ideas

The hallway is often an overlooked part of a home’s decor though hallway interior design can make a major impact on the feeling that a guest, or your husband, may have in the space. Here are some quick ideas for renewing your hallway and making it an integral part of your home’s interior design.


Adding a carpet just inside the front door in a traditional home is an often missed opportunity. Originally, halls would have had tiled or wooden flooring and it’s a good idea to restore these. But if you want comfort underfoot, add the texture and interest of a carpet runner. Pro Tip: select a runner with long lines to create the perception that the hallway is longer.


Confuse Professor Plum by converting that unused space in a long, narrow hallway to a library with narrow shelves and rows of books. You create more storage and add texture and interest to boring walls. If you’re not into books, the same design effect can be created with a gallery wall. Nothing quite has the ability to instantly personalize a house like a gallery wall. The rules are that there are no rules, only your own preference matters. Whether you add children’s drawings, family portraits or professional images, make the gallery wall yours. And, by using a hallway, the gallery wall can create impact without being overwhelming.


Like a bit of ornament, try a large hanging print. Its a great option for a hallway. The size will add character and look will fit right into a traditional hallway design scheme. A traditional style doesn’t always have to mean complete faithfulness to a particular period. It can be quite fun to juxtapose different eras in a hallway. Combine periods, styles and looks to create a unique mood just for you. Best of all, since its a hallway, you can use the artwork to introduce new interior designs in different parts of the home.

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