Hot Design Trends Fall 2019

Design Trends Fall 2019

The Las Vegas Market, dedicated to the home furnishings industry, had one of its twice-a-year market shows in last month and unveiled the hot trends for fall 2019. There was something for everyone but here are some hot trends that caught our attention for fall 2019.

1. Brass. Brass came in with a bang roughly a decade ago and remains one of the hottest finishes in home decor. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents and will be sure to add an everyday sense of elegance to even the simplest of spaces.

2. Wood and organic furniture. From wood accessories to furniture with wood elements such as arms or legs, wood and natural elements remain on trend. A touch of nature into a living space may promote a more meditative and relaxing environment, and can also create a lasting contemporary design statement.

3. Inlay. We spotted a number of pieces that were adorned with more than one material or finish.

4. Pastels. Whether as colors that are soft and muted in a piece of art or as an accent piece, pastels such as pink, lavender, green and even soft yellow remain on trend.

Some other trends that we’d suggest you watch out for are:

  • Accent walls
  • Interesting shaped mirrors
  • Concrete
  • Throwback pieces

Fall 2019 interior design trends have something for every taste. Want to explore these trends for your home? Contact the design team at Designs of the Interior in Westlake Village, California and let us help inspire you.

Source Content from The Arcadian

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