Interior Design Bargain Hunter Brilliance

Interior Design Bargain-Hunter Brilliance

Interior design and bargain hunters go hand-in-hand. These interior design superstars know the discount store is a gold mine of decor deals. With tons of inexpensive options for handy organizers, craft supplies, and decorative accents, you can quickly refresh an interior design on a tiny budget. Although these items might be inexpensive, it’s easy to transform your bargains into practical home decor with a little creativity. Here are some highlights to inspire your inner interior design bargain-hunter brilliance.

Bedside Basket Shelf

Here’s a smart way to boost storage in small bedrooms. Instead of using up floor space with a bulky nightstand, mount a simple wicker basket on a bedside wall for a makeshift shelf unit. A simple hanger or even hot glue will do the trick. Stack the DIY storage unit with books, charging cables, and other bedtime essentials.

Entryway Bucket Organization

Pick up a set of mini buckets to help streamline entryway storage. Designate one bucket for each family member (including pets) and label them. Hang the buckets from hooks on the underside of an entryway shelf so each person can easily access daily grab-and-go items.

DIY Boot Tray

Protect your floors from wet footwear with this DIY boot tray. Grab a discount store serving platter and fill the tray with a layer of decorative glass pebbles. Set wet boots on top of the tray to catch snow melt and water. Shoes dry faster and keep floors clean.

Bathroom Wicker Wall Storage

Don’t buy that specialty shelf unit for bathroom storage. Instead, get a set of long, narrow wicker baskets and mount them on the wall as floating shelves. Use the baskets to organize extra hand towels and washcloths, cosmetics, grooming supplies, and other bathroom products. Pretty, easy to do, and an immediate facelift to any bathroom.

Pretty Planters

Update basic terracotta pots with an elegant marbleized design. First, thoroughly cover the pots and saucers with a base coat of spray paint and let dry. Fill a large tub about halfway with water and lightly spray the water’s surface with two to three colors of spray paint in different areas. Swirl the paints with a stir stick to create a marbleized pattern. Dip each pot or saucer into the water and pull it out, occasionally adding fresh paint or changing out the water as needed. This painting technique has become very popular.

We hope these interior design bargain-hunter ideas inspire you to update your home decor. Life is too short for ugly spaces. Want a more complete interior design update? Contact the design team at Designs of the Interior in Westlake Village, California.

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