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Now more than ever, your home should be your sanctuary, and a peaceful space begins with exceptional interior designers, fluent in all design styles. We spend the time up front to get to know you, understand your lifestyle and get a sense of your personal taste. We listen.

Our experience, expertise and remarkable resources give us everything we need to create the home of your dreams. We believe the best possible outcome does not just happen by chance. We think through the entire space and create a complete interior design, because we understand the outcome of piecemeal selections is an unpredictable compromise.

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Clients for Life–Our Story of the Month:

After we had to shut down on March 19 for COVID-19, it was such a welcome return to some normalcy in the first week of May, to be back to what we do. With safe procedures, we did our first installation after the quarantine, spread out over several days to keep everyone distanced. This oceanside home in Santa Barbara is a weekend home for our clients, so the walk through with them on the fourth day was the first they had seen it, and was a joyful experience for all! What a remarkable transformation, with remodeling and complete furnishings for the home, patio and guesthouse. Perhaps the nicest thing they said was “After the beautiful job you did on our Westlake Village home, we knew we’d love what you would do for this house. You captured that Santa Barbara feel that we wanted here, but it’s still pretty contemporary. It’s exactly what we wanted in this house. Thank you so much!”

It’s heartwarming when we know we have clients for life, who trust us implicitly, value what we do and come to us time and time again. Give us a call to talk about how we can help you.

Coping with COVID-19…

We, at Designs of the Interior, want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable as we work on your project. We’re available by Zoom or FaceTime, or will meet with you with masks and at a distance. Call us today to ask us how we work, and we’ll get started on your sanctuary. Now more than ever, we all need that peaceful and comfortable space, and we’re here to help you get it. Whether you’re considering new construction, remodeling or a home makeover, we have hundreds of vendors to choose from, and can even create a design for you with goods that are 100% manufactured in the USA if that is your wish.

Interior Design. Remarkable Resources.

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