2020 Kitchen Interior Design Predictions

2020 Kitchen Interior Design Predictions

Kitchen interior design has taken on greater importance since today’s living spaces are designed to bring family and friends together. The kitchen is the center of activity. It is the one spot in the house that brings everyone together everyday.

For 2020, kitchen interior design predictions are available for kitchen cabinets, countertops, and layout. Full-blown kitchen renovation in 2019, according to a study by HomeAdvisor, costs an average of more than $20,000 (with a range of $75 to $250 per square foot).

But it’s the small, annual-or-so upgrades that can make all the difference to your kitchen interior design. Here are some predictions on what will make an impact on kitchen interior design in 2020.

Prominent pantries

When designing a kitchen, it’s important to give careful consideration to how the space will be used. Appliances should reflect the way the homeowner lives and pantries should play a bigger role as a result. The addition of a pantry, or increasing the size of an existing pantry is becoming increasingly important. There are so many new kitchen gadgets to store that all need ample storage space. To create a clean, clutter-free countertop, an emerging trend is the larder-styled storage cabinet. This custom-designed cabinet can be used as a beverage center, a cocktail bar, or a baking center while keeping all the necessary tools and supplies organized and close at hand. Making a pantry prominent is a great way to update your kitchen design.

Go Brighter

White walls and empty spaces will be replaced with brighter colors and art and, sometimes, dramatic décor. From taco and margarita-themed décor everywhere to items that have funny sayings, adding conversation-starters to your walls is a great (and fast) update. For something a little less bold, paint one wall in the kitchen with a warmer color. Replace the traditional whites with earth tones, specifically warm cream colors and accents of warm wood tones and patina to make a generic kitchen exclusively yours.

Get Organic

We see natural and organic textures throughout the home. The kitchen is no exception. For 2020, watch for a lot of natural wood used for cabinetry or open shelving, brushed gold/brass fixtures, and warmer off-white cabinetry finishes and wall colors.

Tile Trends

After years of the popular 3-inch-by-6-inch subway tiles, the trend for 2020 is bigger or more dramatic. Manufacturers have responded to the trend and are creating larger formats (like 4×8 inch and even 4×12 inch) and textured designs. Graphic geometric tiles will be increasing in popularity for both flooring or backsplash installations. Subway tiles will continue in popularity, but you will see them in larger formats, and set in orientations that aren’t traditional, such as stacked, vertical and herringbone.

Keep it simple

Clean lines and minimalism is the rage. People are getting into the ‘less is more’ mentality when organizing their homes, and that is also being reflected in interiors. Design with simple colors, palettes, and clean spaces. Still, you can have fun with colors and patterns but pursue a clean aesthetic. Related, think “clean” and accent your design with enamel clocks, signs, and other décor to complete a nice, clean simple look.

Interested in exploring kitchen interior design trends this year? Contact Designs of the Interior in Westlake Village, CA, and talk with our design team for a design that’s uniquely yours.

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