Windows Work Wonders!

08 Apr 2021

Windows Work Wonders!

Every home has windows, and each one presents its own set of opportunities and inherent problems to solve in terms of window treatment options. When treated correctly, windows work wonders in a room! Below are some successful window treatment solutions that don’t block views, add important design elements to the overall look and feel of the space, and solve the inherent problems in the room.

Linen Fabric

Windows Work Wonders

Linen fabric with its soft folds and less formality makes this space feel like a spa, which is exactly what our client wanted in this room. The fullness and type of fabric is an important design element, it allows plenty of light inside and it softened the geometric hard lines of the doors. Every goal was met, and this custom window treatment was a success.

Creating Formality

Designs of the Interior

Our client wanted formality in this Mediterranean living room; our functioning panels brought in some needed softness to the formality, and iron hardware was a good design element for the style of the room. The windows are actually narrow, but we had the opportunity to create an optical illusion that they are much wider. One can’t tell where the window ends and the wall begins with the transition line covered like this…it’s magic!

Frame the View

Windows Work Wonders

Without window treatments, this ocean view got a bit lost; it seemed to blend into the wall paint a bit. We framed the view with fabric (in a neutral color, to not distract from the view), and the window treatment made the view pop! The windows are also fairly low, which made the ceiling seem low. To solve the problem, we installed the hardware very close to the ceiling and added a woven shade valance underneath the functioning panels, to cover the blank wall space (the woven shade is also an important design element in the room, to give the feel of sand and a coastal design). Voila! The windows were transformed to appear taller and the ceiling seems to be raised.

Motorized Shades

Designs of the Interior

This beachfront home in Malibu has spectacular views of the ocean, but also offered no privacy at night before our window treatment design. With interior lights on and darkness outdoors, everything was on full display. Our solution to this problem: the ceiling design has a recessed pocket for motorized roller shades to tuck inside. By day, everything is tucked up inside the pocket and is not visible, with the view completely unobstructed. By night, the white blackout shades offer complete privacy and add a cozy factor to the room, rather than our clients seeing the blackness outdoors.

Fabric Stacking

Windows Work Wonders

This transitional North Ranch home has beautifully framed windows and doors, with views beyond. Fortunately, the builder included plenty of wall space on either side of the windows and doors to allow for fabric stacking outside of the view. The motorized panels are recessed in pockets that were framed into the ceiling construction, to allow for maximum appearance of height—a very clean design element. There was only one problem to solve in this room, and that was to provide maximum privacy at night, which this design does very well.

Let the Light Shine In

Windows Work Wonders

Our problem-solving step in this room solved something you don’t see any longer. Those beautiful windows were completely covered with a white plantation shutter, which made the room gloomy, cold and filled with an echo. We removed the shutter and played up the great asset of a dramatic window and the view beyond. Our neutral fabrics against the wall paint framed the view without distraction and added some much-needed softness. We also redesigned the fireplace to make it dramatic and contemporary, but that’s another article…

Are You Inspired to Work Wonders with Your Windows?

If the idea of well-designed window treatments appeals to you (that don’t block views, add important design elements to the overall look and feel of the space, and solve the inherent problems in the room), and you’ve been inspired with this article, or you’ve just thought of someone who needs our help, give us a call today at 805-418-1890 and we’ll tell you how to get started. We’d love to hear from you!

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